ESR Policy

PT UNIVERSAL TEKNO REKSAJAYA as a company that specializes in remanufacturing and reconditioning of heavy equipment components always try to align in Economics, Environment, and Social (triple bottom line) as a solution to the demands of business growth and became the embodiment of Catur Dharma Astra of PT Astra International as a holding company. We consistently committed to implementing Astra Green Company (AGC), Astra Friendly Company (AFC), and Security Management System (SMS) in any company activities to create safe working conditions and convenient for workers and the environment, and also improve the quality of communities living around the company so as to support the company's vision as "To be the best Component Management Solution provider on heavy equipment industry in Pacific Asia." To achieve best execution in any business activity, the company is committed to:

  1. Meet the requirements, needs and expectations of customers, comply with regulations and other requirements relevant to the aspects of Environment, Safety and Health (LOHS), Safety and Social Responsibility to the stakeholders,
  2. Achieve the best level of customer satisfaction through the application of quality management system,
  3. To do prevention of pollution, accidents and diseases made in work area to achieve Zero Loss Time Injury and Incident in OHS field, and Zero Pollution in environmental sector through the implementation of Environmental Management Systems and OHS,
  4. Achieve Zero Incidents in Security field and Zero Complaint in social field, through the implementation of Security Management System and Astra Friendly Company.

With these programs, we are carrying the spirit to be able to create businesses that benefit the economy, environment, social and cultural, as well as the interests of all stakeholders.