Go Live UTR of Banjarmasin Go Live Sub-Plant
June 21, 2013

On June 12, 2013, the UTR inaugurated its newly-incorporated sub-plant of Banjarmasin – South Kalimantan. The inauguration event was attended by the UTR’s management, representatives of PT United Tractors’ management, and representatives of the PT Multi Prima Universal’ management. This inauguration was favorably welcome by and on the part of PT United Tractors’ Management of Banjarmasin branch. The UTR’s team directly represented by the UTR’s director, Mr. Yayat Supriatna and the UTR’s GM of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Jonihardi, who jointly backing the program of Banjarmasin Go Live Plant, addressing the audience in their encouraging voices in the inauguration of the UTR’s Banjarmasin Sub-Plant.

They concluded the program with a prayer and then the “tumpeng” (a ceremonial cone of cooked-rice surrounded by the other dishes) was ritually cut by the UTR’s Management, and delivered to the representatives of the UT’s Management and passed out to the customers/clients present at the inauguration of the Banjarmasin UTR’s Go Live Sub-Plant.

The program was then continued by paying site-visit and then ended by making photographs of the entire invitees.

With the presence of this newly build plan, it is ardently hoped that the heavy equipment users existing within the South Kalimantan region will be easily helped in solving the problems concerning their heavy equipments without having to wait long for the completion of the repair made to their heavy equipment.

The closer the UTR comes, the quicker the service given to its customers.