ESR Program

  1. Environment, Ocupational Safety & Health (OSH)
    1. Management of OHS

      PT UNIVERSAL TEKNO REKSAJAYA based on the Astra Green Company (AGC) system in implementing its OHS management. Each work step in UTR operational conducted the identification of hazard and risks assessment (HIRA). From the results of the assessment, UTR make its control measurements include elimination, substitution, modification, administration and the use of APD. All of this is done as the effort to ensure the safety and health of all employees and stakeholders working in the working area of PT UNIVERSAL TEKNO REKSAJAYA.

    2. Emergency Response Drill

      To ensure the smooth of the operational of the company, UTR completing their work area with the emergency response systems, includes hardware, software and their brain ware. Employees are also given training on how to deal with emergency situations and natural disasters, which is expected to minimize the risks that can befall the employees and the company.

    3. Cleaner Production Program

      PT UNIVERSAL TEKNO REKSAJAYA in its business operations using environmentally friendly raw materials and auxiliary materials. The waste generated from the process is managed on a regular basis accordance with the quality standards related to the local environmental regulations. We also have a cleaner production program that includes natural resources saving, electricity, the use of environmentally friendly auxiliary materials processes, and reuse of domestic waste water processed.

  2. Corporate Social Responsibility

      The activities of knowledge sharing in our company as our commitment to educates the nation's children. We have conducted a total of 88 hours of sharing knowledge.

    2. UTR HIJAU

      Greening activities by planting trees on degraded land in order to adapt increasing CO?. We have implemented the tree planting for 6200 units on 2012 in the entire plant.

    3. UTR SEHAT

      UTR SEHAT is a company caring activity in the field of public health for the creation of a healthy work situation and beneficial for others. The event we had held was blood donor and POSYANDU extension to fulfill the health for the one who needs it.

      • BLOOD DONOR: We have done blood donation as much as 458 units of blood in 2012 for the entire plant.
      • CHILDREN NUTRITION HEALTH EXTENSION POSYANDU ASOKA (Sangatta): Collaborate with PT United Tractors, Tbk., We construct and disseminate the importance of good nutrition for infants. This activity also accompanied by the provision of immunization for infants and procurement of waste bank.

      To support the continuity of business, we are helping the economy of local communities (Income Generating Activities Program). In this activity, UTR cooperate with companies incorporated in AHEME Group. One that has been achieved is the provision of capital assistance to stakeholders of "usaha peningkatan pendapatan keluarga kecil sejahtera (UPPKS)" community of Melati and Haviera in Sangatta, East Kalimantan.