The UTR’s Character Building
February 1, 2012

As a newly incorporated body, which is ready to face up to any business competition of high intensity, the UTR has to resort to pro-active efforts in order to make this company grow rapidly and capable of reaching its vision and mission. 

For this purpose, the UTR must be able to respond such challenges through implementation of continuous improvements, customer value approach, and organizational system (cross functional approach and employee empowerment). 

One effort the UTR has put in in 2012 was to make the HR further develop through UTR Character Building, aimed at having way of thinking to get ready to accept challenges/changes, putting priority to super team instead of super man, willingness to do more, and high determination. 

The present program’s aim includes: 

  1. To build basic human behavior of UTR in order to stand ready facing up to any changes, 

  2. To enhance quality interaction, communication, sense of belonging, mutuality, being in common as well as sense of cooperation/synergy 

  3. Tencourage the spirit of cooperation/synergy within groups in order to realize the company’s goal/target,
  4. To implant and grow joint commitment in moving progressively and to improve the performance of each group as well as of company ,
  5. To enhance mutuality sense and sense of belonging to be capable of facing up to any challenges .

The positive things being expected from such program are, among others: 

  1. To create commitment of employee to bettering himself/herself to be laid down in the form of “Letter to Myself”, which will be evaluated 6 months following a certain training ,
  2. To presence of discipline improvement and team wok which are to be materialized through periodic meetings for reviewing in order to put into practice the management system of apply the UTR-QM, per day @ 10-15 minutes, 

  3. The gathering of inputs/views from employees, constituting 156 behaviors capable of serving as an example for constructing the UTR’s Corporate Culture,
  4. Identified types of work group of per plant capable of being used to build more solid team management and competence in motivating and directing the wok team being geared to be more effective and productive .