The Mindful-of-Environment UTR
August 1, 2012

The global warming issue which comes in for much attention these days, has been discussed most frequently. It can be said that such issue is becoming one trending topic of life environment appearing in various media and opportunities. 


In consideration of the Environment Issue, that is coming more and more trendy, the UTR, belonging to AHEME Group,  has concern and sense of belonging with many other parties. As it is mindful of environment it has done planting of 500 trees in the village of Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang, Sentul, in the Regency of Bogor.  This number of the trees planted, constitutes one portion from a targeted 6,000 trees for all the installations.    

The planting of ecologically planned environĀ­mental protection trees is aimed at: -gaining CO2 gas that is to be improved, -creating comfortable, clean and beautiful surroundings, and -gaining of the content and amount of O2 which is beneficial and conducive to Human Resources. 

The land -on which such trees have been planted, situated within the Bogor region- is intended to be an urban woods; the land being located relatively close to the capital city of Indonesia. 

Besides such things, the location of such tree-planting constitutes one open, green that needs to be planted with trees. The types of the trees so planted include Sengon tree, Mahoney, Pines, Rasamala and Jabon tree, all of which are forest trees capable of growing tall, as tall as Ā± 40m, and can stand extreme cold and searing heat.

Mrs. Herlina Handoko accompanied by Mr. Arie Sasongko and Department of ESRGA, Mr. Yanuar did the planting, symbolically at the location of planting. At the ceremony present were minister of Forest, Mr. Zulkifli Hasan together with his retinues as well as management representatives of AHEME and Astra, and others.