Inauguration of Centralized Bucket Recondition
June 27, 2012

On June 27, 2012, UTR inaugurated its program of centralized bucket recondition that is developed in one of its Plants, namely in Balikpapan Mulawarman, constituting a form of total support to the heavy equipment users. 

The advantages offered to customers for this program is offering examination to buckets free of charge with guarantee period of 6 months, and in order to assist customers or to make it easier for customers to maintain their performance of business, UTR also provides exchangeable bucket, and in such a way customers will not lose much time in waiting for the completion of their bucket repair. 

The present program is supported by various and comprehensive facilities such as the great capacity capable of 3-4 Bucket reconditioning monthly with maximal application effected to Komatsu PC4000, paint space, overhead crane and mobile crane, handling train, Engine las GMAW CO Miller 500A Duty 100%, Gouging machine SMAW 600 A; Miller Duty Cycle 100%, Jet Chissel Nitto/TOKU,TJN-200, Pullers of capacity up to 50 Tons, Thermocouple Infrared, Magnetic Drilling, Line Boring, and Floor Plate. 

All such facilities are also supported by skilled, adroit, experienced and certified personnel, who make the UTR ready to provide its best service to its customers/clients.