November 8, 2012

On November 8th, 2012, UTR inaugurated its newly-built plant at Adaro, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. The inauguration conducted at plant Adaro plant was attended by UTR management, representatives of PAMA’s management, and representatives of SIS management, and this inauguration was warmly welcome by the party of management of UT Adaro. The UTR team directly represented by the Director of UTR, Mr Yayat and Production & Support Area I Div. Head Mr.Warono, participated in backing the Go Live Adaro program by making a short welcoming speech on the inauguration of Adaro UT.

Following the agenda, a prayer was said by Mr. Sri Sadono in his capacity of Training Center Head Adaro, and then the “tumpeng” (ceremonial cone of cooked-rice surrounded by the other dishes) was ritually cut by the UTR Management, delivered to the representatives of UT Management and passed around to the customers present at the Go Live UTR inauguration.

The agenda was continued with paying a site visit, seeing the condition of the Adaro UT land, and then concluded with taking photographs of all invitees.

With the presence of this newly built plant, it is expected that the use of the heavy equipment vehicles available in the region of South Kalimantan can be helped in solving the problems that might arise in connection with the vehicles without having to wait long for the completion of the repair made to their heavy equipment.

The closer the UTR comes, the quicker the service given to its customers.